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  1989 Sh-Boom Charter Members! 1989 Sh-Boom Charter Members 1991 Sh-Boom Sportin' New Jackets 1991 Sh-Boom "Formally" Attired

  1993 Sh-Boom with Wolfman Jack 1994 Sh-Boom Around the Drum 1995 Sh-Boom Playin' Around 1997 Sh-Boom Poised for Action!

 1997 Sh-Boom and Dino's GTO 1998 Sh-Boom at MSRA's Back to the 50's 1999 - 2000 Sh-Boom Turns Toward the Millennium

 2001 Sh-Boom at Chester Creek Park2002 Sh-Boom Playin' Around 2002 Sh-Boom with Libby  2003 Sh-Boom with Attitude

 2003 Sh-Boom with Youngest Fan     2003 Sh-Boom at Black Bear Casino Car Show  2003 at Bad River Casino - All dressed up for a fabulous rockin' time

 Sh-Boom shows off their new trailer2005 at Chester Bowl Concert  2005 at Wade Stadium - a band of characters 2006 - Sh-boom always has a rockin' good time!

 Sh-Boom's on their way upJust a Swingin' Sh-Boom at home on stage

Sh-Boom 2009  Sh-Boom always has fun Getting ready to play!

Happy Together


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